Several well-known MSPs and IT consulting firms have adopted a new AWS consulting partner network competency.

Launch partners include several top 250 public cloud MSPs, global systems integrators, and other types of consulting firms. The most important launch members include Ahead, Compasso UOL, Darede Servicos de TI, Deloitte, ePlus Technology, Innovative Solutions, IPsense, OpsGuru, Presidio and Tokai Communications.

The new Amazon Web Services competency focuses on areas such as:

  • Network connectivity (AWS Direct Connect, AWS Transit Gateway, AWS Virtual Private Network, AWS PrivateLink, AWS Gateway Load Balancer, AWS Global Accelerator);
  • Network transparency (AWS Transit Gateway Network Manager, Traffic Mirroring, VPC Flow Logs, Amazon CloudWatch); and
  • hybrid networks (AWS Wavelength, AWS Outposts, AWS Local Zones).

AWS Networking Competency Consulting Partners also offer services for automation, orchestration, monitoring, analysis and …

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