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Mozilla’s VPN service is expanding into Europe


Mozilla is trying to differentiate itself from Google and Microsoft in the browser space, with an emphasis on privacy and security. Part of it is a new product, Mozilla VPN. It came out of beta last year but has only been available in the US, UK, Canada, New Zealand, and Malaysia so far. It is now also in operation in France and Germany.

Mozilla’s VPN The standard suite of protection against tracking and logging promises to never pass your data on to third parties. It runs on the WireGuard cryptography system and prevents potential attackers from having an additional layer of security on servers in more than 30 countries. Mozilla also claims that their VPN is “amazingly fast” thanks to WireGuard’s low overhead.

The service costs $ 5 per month in the US, but is significantly more expensive in France and Germany, starting at € 9.99 for a monthly payment. You can reduce this to € 6.99 or € 4.99 by paying in increments of 6 or 12 months. VPN …

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