Mozilla VPN, the VPN service from the manufacturer of the Firefox web browser, is available on several platforms. In addition to Windows 10, Android and iOS, the VPN setup can now also be used under MacOS and Linux. However, there are some restrictions for users.

It appears off Product page that Mozilla has updated.

So Mozilla VPN was born

Mozilla has been working on a VPN service for some time. In 2019, the company tested a browser extension for Firefox Private Network. This service acted as a browser proxy. This means that security only works for web traffic through Firefox. At the end of 2019, Mozilla launched a full-fledged VPN service under the name Firefox Private Network. It was a beta where customers could use the service for a small amount and give feedback.

Firefox Private Network was a working name. Last year Mozilla announced its final name: Mozilla VPN. The virtual private network is no longer in the testing phase, but it is not very …

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