Internet-enabled smart devices have become a vacation tradition – but having connected devices that stay on around the clock and are able to record sound and video from the home also has disadvantages. You might end up buying an exercise machine that sells the recipient’s most intimate data, or a smart speaker that overhears your parents.

Mozilla, the non-profit software community, has compiled a list of networked devices for its fifth annual “Privacy Not Included” gift guide, which classifies gadgets according to “creepiness” and describes which products meet basic security standards. The list also indicates which products users can spy on using the camera, microphone, or GPS.

The aim of the guide is twofold: to provide shoppers with the information they need to choose gifts that will protect their friends and family, while also encouraging the technology industry to do more to protect consumers.

For this 2021 edition, Mozilla researchers claim they have more than …


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