The majority of companies have already migrated their VPN solution to the cloud, as a NetMotion survey shows.

In a study, 750 IT, security and networking executives were interviewed and executives from five geographic markets and eight sectors were interviewed. This audience shared their insights, familiarity, and experience with SASE and other network security topics.

Main results

  • 54% of companies have relocated their remote access solution (VPN) from on-premise to the cloud. This includes VPN products that are hosted as SaaS Offers or those that are managed in the private cloud (IaaS), such as Microsoft Azure or AWS.
  • Australian (62%) and American (60%) companies top the fees for cloud enterprise VPNs, with Japanese (46%), UK (50%) and German (52%) companies migrating more slowly.
  • Government and public safety agencies are more concerned about the adoption of cloud-hosted VPN products as only 29% of businesses in these sectors use a cloud VPN. Healthcare companies …

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