More noise, even less action


    Image: Sarah Grillo/Axios

    Republican control of the House, Senate, or both would trigger a major shift for Big Tech on the Hill, away from the Democrats’ privacy and antitrust crusades and toward the GOP’s main technical complaint – perceived platform bias toward conservatives targeted content.

    Why it matters: The outcome of Tuesday’s election will shape the next two years of tech legislation and hearings in DC. However, the prospects for passing new legislation are likely to be even worse if Republicans control the Congressional agenda while a Democrat remains in the White House.

    What you say: “Content will be by far the biggest problem” in a Republican-led congress, a tech politician told Axios. “It is unlikely that anything will be done, but it will be a serious and major problem.”

    • House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s Republican agenda lists Republican technology priorities: “More privacy and data security protections, empowering parents with more tools to keep their children safe online, and stopping…

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