More companies are adopting hybrid clouds to facilitate digital transformation,…


To accelerate digital transformation, many companies have planned to focus their IT investments on hybrid clouds in 2022-2023, according to cloud computing business group head Kyle Wu for AI startup iKala Interactive Media.

iKala partnered with IDC to conduct a survey of cloud computing service adoption across the five industry sectors in 2022 – online game operators, retail and e-commerce operators, media and entertainment service operators, manufacturers, and financial service providers.

The survey shows that the proportion of enterprises in Taiwan that focus IT investment on hybrid clouds increases to 69.0% from 36.0% in the 2021 survey, while the proportion of public cloud computing services increases from 32.0 % falls to 25.0% and local IT facilities slip from 32.0% to 6.0%, Wu said.

Based on the survey, Taiwan’s public cloud computing services market value is forecast to grow further from US$883 million in 2020 to US$2.782 billion in 2025.

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