MoonPay is recruiting a number of founding engineers for its new HyperMint service, a platform billed as Amazon Web Services for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) as the company expands its core payment offering with more product lines.

According to a job posting by the company looking for a Solana engineer, the new service will allow brands, developers and web2 companies to create and deploy crypto tokens through a “UI wizard”.

“We abstract the complexities of deploying an NFT/token strategy and reduce time to market from months to weeks or even days. Consider AWS for NFTs,” the company said in the job posting. Amazon Web Services, or AWS, provides critical tools that underpin the modern Internet and account for a significant portion of Amazon’s revenue.

MoonPay appears to be playing for the “minting-as-a-service” market — a space currently occupied by incumbents like Cargo, Manifold, and Moralis that offer batch processing of NFTs. Analysts at The Block Research say current tools on the market…

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