If you need to keep an eye on the living room or kindergarten, don’t miss this offer from EufyHome via Amazon. You can buy a pair of Eufy Security Indoor 2K Cameras for just $ 59.49 up from $ 70. That’s a $ 10.50 saving and the all-time low.

We rated the 2K Indoor Cam in June and gave it four out of five stars. “The Eufy Indoor Cam 2K offers sophisticated security features at a price that almost anyone can afford,” we said. That goes double for this deal.

The Eufy Indoor Cam offers two-way audio and night vision, as well as human and pet detection. The camera can even issue certain commands when it detects a pet. In our review, for example, we created a detection zone around a couch in the living room and the dog with a recorded “Off!” Command.

These cameras can also be integrated into Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit. For storage you can use Eufy’s cloud storage or an SD card as well as HomeKit users …

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