As the Italian robo-advice platform Moneyfarm has grown across Europe, it needed a digital phone solution to scale alongside its team, allowing its 30,000 customers to be automatically routed to their personal advisor and also to better track and log calls to create efficiencies across the business.

Moneyfarm was founded in Milan in 2011 and is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority to offer advice and investment services here in the UK. It was a pioneer in the robo-advice space, where algorithms define a customer’s risk profile and invest as little as £500 in a diversified portfolio, typically made up of low-risk exchange traded funds (ETFs). It also employs a team of human advisors that can be called upon to tweak portfolios and offer higher-touch service for customers that invest more than others.

Until recently the company was running a traditional Voice over IP (VoIP) phone system on a private branch exchange (PBX), supplied by a traditional vendor that had to be called upon to make any changes, including adding or removing lines. Moneyfarm wanted something more self-service configurable, and which also integrated with Salesforce.

In a nutshell: “We needed to scale our contact centre and needed a solution that could work across geographies and a solution that would be well integrated with our new Salesforce CRM system,” Stefano Guidici, data and integrations product manager at Moneyfarm told Computerworld UK.

Then, Guidici was introduced to UK startup Natterbox via his Salesforce implementation partner.

At its core, Natterbox is a cloud-based PBX system built on top of Salesforce infrastructure. It can automatically check for ‘spam’ in the form of cold calls, and smartly categorise and redirect calls the second they come in by linking with a company’s CRM records, via a tight Salesforce integration.

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“We wanted an online solution for dealing with calls and having a digital interface for phones that integrates well,” Guidici said. Clearly, Natterbox did that for the company.

It took around three months to get the new system installed and required little to no training for consultants.

The integration with Salesforce was key for Guidici, as it allows the system to “look at your number and who is your dedicated consultant and route you straight away,” he said. Each Moneyfarm consultant has between 1,000-2,000 clients, so there needs to be a certain level of prioritisation logic built into the system.

Natterbox also allows Moneyfarm to securely log all of its calls for compliance reasons, and start to operationalise some of its data to see where customer pain points are and create efficiencies.

“For example, we now know how many onboarding calls we did, or how many support calls, so that helped us grow the CRM team and see how much time consultants spend with customers. Those were valuable insights,” Guidici said.

Moneyfarm lives or dies on its ability to offer lower fees and a more self-serve digital proposition than traditional investment banks and providers, which means cost efficiencies are vital to its future.

“The efficiency of the CRM team also increased,” he added. “By looking at the average investment we could gather from new customers or existing customers and measuring the impact of speaking to someone vs not – it all comes down to that cost analysis. Data allows us to understand what we need to cut away, so a chat system could be an alternative, or more FAQs.”

Next, he wants to use the system to understand the content of calls using automated transcription technology. “So transcriptions and machine learning on top to understand topics and behaviours and the mood of customers to feed that data back into the business would be handy,” he said.

Natterbox CEO Neil Hammerton told Computerworld UK last year that “AI is a big area we are working on at the moment”.

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