Molex, Accenture and Amazon Web Services Announces Partnership


Molex recently announced that it is now extending its autonomous and connected vehicle abilities by collaborating with Accenture and Amazon Web Services (AWS) to bring edge computing as well as voice assistant abilities to the Molex Automotive Ethernet Network Platform. These new digital enhancements to the Platform offer essential autonomous vehicle performance and communication functionality for automotive OEMs.

The Molex platform is an Ethernet-based vehicle connectivity system featuring a multi-zone architecture across software, interconnect cabling systems and hardware. It also offers the agility to integrate legacy automotive protocols as well as scalability for upgrades in the future. Furthermore, the platform provides a whole high-performance computing solution that leverages AWS IoT Greengrass machine learning functionality to improve abilities like security and diagnostics and deliver a better end-user experience. The future-ready, automotive-grade gateways serve as central hubs, offering secure and dependable interconnects and processing data across the vehicle network to functional domains like Autonomous Driving or ADAS.

Joseph Stenger, global product manager for connected mobility solutions, Molex, said, “In combination with the groundbreaking features of our Automotive Ethernet Network Platform, AWS, and Accenture’s contribution can profoundly help our customers innovate faster, drive down costs and build some of the most advanced vehicles in the automotive industry. We look forward to working together in the development of industry-leading technology solutions that help automotive OEMs design for the cars of tomorrow.”

The company’s alliance with Accenture and AWS attend to the evolving needs for secure software-enabled features in autonomous vehicles. Together, they will expand Molex’s custom gateway solution so as to include on-board diagnostics with edge analytics that can scale and evolve in compute power, functionality, and performance, like fulfilling crucial safety requirements, maintaining network integrity, and predictive maintenance – all of which can be accessed via the deployment of Amazon Alexa.

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