“Take the weekend off, we’ll open again on Monday.”

Moderators working on the Halo subreddit have the community “all pages” banned after toxic behavior – including doxing and death threats.

Without pointing out certain posts of concern, Redditor and moderator wrote 343-Guilty-Spark a message over the weekend directing Halo fans to “take the weekend off” as the subreddit will be closed for comment until tomorrow, Monday, December 6th.

“The toxicity of the submarine from both sides has made it impossible for people to have civil discussions, which is what the mod team is aiming for regardless of opinion,” they wrote. “Some users of the submarine were even responsible for doxxing and death threats.

“We are temporarily locking the submarine so that hopefully people can calm down a little and we can press the reset button before launch. Ultimately, this is a video game and this level of vitriol is unjustified.

“Take the weekend off, we’ll open again on Monday.”

The moderation team specifically cited issues with insults and criticism and linked to several posts from the 343 Industries development team outlining future plans for the sci-fi shooter, including upcoming changes to XP rewards and anti-cheat measures.

“Someone who criticizes the game doesn’t mean they can be said to be a ‘legitimate crybaby kid’,” added a ‘bootlicking dicksucker’. All of these are things that the mod team has been and will continue to be concerned with. “

Interestingly, the Halo Infinite subreddit stays up but is a reminder to new visitors that “If you came here to continue toxicity when R / Halo was banned, you will be banned”.

ICYMI, Scalper whip down a Halo Infinite / LA Lakers limited-edition promotional package that includes an LA Lakers jersey in a Master Chief design, a matching Xbox wireless controller and a Master Chief figure for hundreds of dollars above the suggested retail price. The package – which was only available to those who were available on Friday afternoon at the Team LA store in Staples Center, Los Angeles – sold for a very reasonable $ 140 (£ 105).

Almost immediately, however, the packages showed up on internet auction sites, with buy-it-now prices of around $ 1,500 ($ 755).

Did you know there is 14 multiplayer modes hidden in Halo Infinite for PC gamers?

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