A security certification authority called the Internet of Secure Things Alliance has released a new certification standard for mobile VPN apps. The criteria were developed with the involvement of technology giants such as Google and Amazon, as well as a number of laboratories and security monitors.

The Google One VPN has already been certified according to these criteria, making it one of the first VPN apps to receive a seal of approval from the Internet of Secure Things Alliance under the acronym “ioXt”. A laundry list of the top VPN providers also passed the screening.

Scalable VPN standards are better for everyone

in the an explanation With the new certification, Brad Ree, CTO of the ioXt Alliance, highlighted the company’s goal of developing security standards that allow everyone to stay on top of the effectiveness of mobile VPNs:

“As we remain more connected than ever, privacy concerts remain the focus, making the security of VPNs and mobile apps increasingly important to consumers.

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