Miter and Purdue University in Indiana are jointly launching a new initiative that will focus on developing innovative research in a variety of technology and cybersecurity areas.

The partnership announced on Monday will enable the two organizations to research, expertise and staff in researching new technologies and solutions for the workforce in cybersecurity, autonomous systems, microelectronics, avionics, data science, hypersonic and industrial systems for water, food and energy to exchange. Miter will also set up a new on-campus headquarters for Miter at Purdue’s Convergence Center for Innovation and Collaboration.

“By working with Miter, we have seen the tremendous potential to expand our successful model for collaborative cybersecurity research and education to many other areas of focus,” said Theresa Mayer, executive vice president of research and partnerships at Purdue, in a statement.

Purdue and Miter representatives did not …

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