Missouri Governor Mike Parson may want to learn about the differences between disclosing and exploiting vulnerabilities. Corresponding The Missouri Independent, accused pastor a St. Louis Post Shipping Reporter for being a “hacker” for having the boldness … to report security vulnerabilities. The journalist exposed a bug in the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education’s web app that allowed anyone to see the social security numbers of over 100,000 teachers in the website’s source code, and Parson interpreted this as a “political game” that “embarrassed the state to bring “- that is, a malicious hack.

The governor has already referred the case to the Cole County Attorney’s Office and is even investigating the Missouri Highway State Patrol. An attorney for The mail delivery claimed the reporter “took responsibility” by sharing the mistake with the government in order to correct it. The attorney also helpfully updated Parson in his internet language. A hacker is someone who “undermines” security with sinister intentions, not a …

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