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A noise-cancelling accessibility feature that affects phone calls isn’t available in the iPhone 13 because Apple Support appears to believe removing the option from the Settings app is a permanent change.

Apple is pushing noise cancellation in its AirPods Pro line and others to make sound clearer for others. It seems that although the iPhone has built in a similar feature for regular phone calls, it is not an item that all users can customize.

Accessible via the Settings app under Accessibility, then Audio/Visual, phone noise cancellation is designed to reduce ambient noise during phone calls when you hold the headset to your ear. It’s designed to make it easier to hear the call yourself, despite all the noise from your immediate surroundings.

While the toggle to turn phone noise cancellation on and off is available on many iPhone models, it’s not available on the iPhone 13 sources from 9to5Mac who contacted Apple support, the feature is simply not supported in the iPhone 13 range.

Apple Support specifically states it’s not on the iPhone 13. When asked, Apple Support said “It’s not supported” and used Apple’s feedback site to critique it.

It seems an unusual decision to permanently remove such a useful feature when Apple Support is right in claiming that it is not “supported”. The iPhone 13 certainly has all the microphones and other necessary elements for the feature to work, and enough onboard processing to handle it.

Whether it might return seems plausible enough, although it would depend on the team working on future iOS updates to add it back.

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