A report from The information Back in May, it claimed that video streaming giant Netflix was ready to move beyond television and film and was actively reaching out to candidates to oversee its expansion into gaming. As first reported by Bloomberg, that position falls to Mike Verdu, former head of AR / VR content at Facebook Reality Labs and former head of mobile games at EA.

Verdu is to take on the role of VP of Game Development at Netflix and report to the company’s COO Greg Peters.

Quote from someone familiar with the situation Bloomberg reports that Netflix will offer games on its streaming platform within the next year. Games are said to be included in the monthly price of the service and supposedly hosted alongside streaming video content.

Verdu has been on Facebook since 2019 during a reorganization of Oculuswhich mixed several executives across the company. Verdu replaced Jason Rubin, who was leading special gaming initiatives for Facebook at the time.

During his time as the Facebook director for AR / VR content, Verdu oversaw several studio acquisitionsincluding beat games (Defeat sabers), Sanzaru games (Asgard’s wrath and others), Ready at dawn (Lonely echo and Echo arena), Interactive Downpour (Further) and BigBox VR (Population: one). These acquisitions spanned a year and a half and marked a significant push by Facebook to consolidate talent behind some of the medium’s most successful gaming traits.

Under Verdu, Facebook’s VR gaming celebrated a milestone of over 60 Oculus Quest apps over $ 1 million in salesWhich was undoubtedly spurred on by the release of the company’s second generation standalone headset, Oculus Quest 2, in 2020.

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