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SAP solutions support the digital core of many companies. As part of their digital transformation journeys, companies want to migrate their mission-critical SAP workloads to Microsoft Azure to take advantage of Hyperscale Cloud, agility, and business continuity. The migration of business-critical SAP environments requires careful planning and expertise in order to minimize risks and downtimes. However, with the right automation tools and a team of experts, migration doesn’t have to be cumbersome. SNP and Microsoft have optimized the migration for our customers and helped them to use the advantages of cloud computing more quickly expanded their alliance. With the new Cloud Move for Azure Customers can now use the power of automation to accelerate their SAP transformation journey with all the benefits of the Azure cloud.

Cloud Move for Azure enables automated and precise cloud dimensioning through the detailed analysis of an existing SAP system and the assignment to a new environment in Azure with complete cost transparency. You can read more about it below. SNPs CrystalBridge® The BLUEFIELD ™ approach from SNP offers state-of-the-art automated migration for complex SAP environments in a cost-effective and secure manner. A migration to SAP S / 4HANA® is a very complex task. When companies switch to S / 4HANA, the focus is on the data: You have to decide which data to migrate and which historical data to archive. Downtime is also a challenge. When companies switch to S / 4HANA, day-to-day operations should continue smoothly. With a BLUEFIELD ™ approach for SAP S / 4HANA, you can migrate and update functions and data in a single, non-disruptive go-live project. With SNP BLUEFIELD ™ you can merge, divide, update and harmonize systems in a single step. In addition, the Crystalbridge® solution from SNP offers an automated functional analysis of SAP systems in order to identify the most frequently used areas and enable effective prioritization, test planning and selective data migration for complex systems. The subsequent automated implementation of SAP S / 4HANA on Azure enables customers to implement projects faster and more cost-effectively.

By using the solutions and functions from SNP, we can offer our customers a simplified and accelerated route to SAP S / 4HANA on Azure. The integrated approach and the close agreement between SAP, SNP, system integrators and Microsoft offer customers extremely reliable planning and a highly automated solution. A simple set of predefined Cloud Move for Azure packages, tailored to the specific needs of different types of customers, with reviews, proof of concepts and migration from SAP environments, makes a customer’s journey transparent and shortens the transition period with downtime close to zero. We are very pleased to have SNP as Microsoft’s preferred partner for SAP for Azure migrations.

What is Cloud Move for Azure?

Cloud Move for Azure determines the optimal size of the target system and automates the provision in the Azure cloud.

Fast and reliable

Cloud Move for Azure collects business and technical data with an automated scan of your system, saving time, money and resources.


The solution was developed together with Microsoft. The collected data is saved in CrystalBridge® and can be easily checked at any time.


CrystalBridge® uses reports and comparisons that users can interactively customize to instantly identify potential savings.

Automated provisioning

Cloud Move for Azure does not only plan the provision of the target system in the Azure cloud. It also runs automatically in a few hours using a template approved by SAP and Microsoft.

Low risk

The highly automated analysis and simulation of the target solution in the cloud avoids error-prone manual efforts and always offers complete cost transparency.

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