Microsoft’s Upcoming Edgium Browser Revealed in More Detail

Microsoft is expected to release its new Chromium-based Edge browser soon. The company has been talking about the new browser, codenamed Anaheim, for a while. And it’s slowly getting closer to an Insider release.

Although we have already had a good look at what the browser would look like, some more screenshots of the browser were leaked yesterday. What you see above is the new Chromium-based Edge browser, and it seems slightly more polished than before. 

The installer for the new Microsoft Edge browser had leaked recently, though we weren’t able to actually install the browser ourselves. Microsoft has been quietly updating the installer for the browser though, so the release should not be too far away.

Microsoft’s Chromium-based Edge browser shouldn’t be too different from Google Chrome. Microsoft has obviously layered its own design over the top of Chromium, so the experience could be identical to Microsoft Edge as you know it. But the inside of the browser will be significantly different, and Microsoft’s even working on its own extensions store that should allow you to install both Edge and Chrome extensions on the browser. The company also plans to bring some of Edge’s popular features like smooth scrolling to Chromium.

For now, though, the wait continues for the new browser’s release.

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