Microsoft’s Standalone Webcams Are Codenamed ‘Bari’

Microsoft’s Standalone Webcams Are Codenamed ‘Bari’

A couple of weeks ago, it was reported that Microsoft might have some high-resolution, standalone webcams in the works. Now according to a report from Petri, additional details about the cameras might have been revealed, such as its codename where apparently it is known as “Bari”.

For those wondering about why these webcams are a big deal, it is because some of Microsoft’s products come with webcams built into them. However since no one really buys a new tablet or laptop because of a webcam, this has resulted in customers turning to third-party options. The “Bari” cameras are Microsoft’s way of trying to keep everything official and locking customers into their ecosystem.

Some of the rumored features we’ve heard include how they might support 4K resolution, so if you’re tired of the potato cameras offered by some manufacturers, then this might be worth checking out, especially if you are into streaming. They are also rumored to play nicely with Windows Hello which means they double as a authentication tool as well.

It has also been said that they might work with Xbox One consoles, which could help ease the login process. No word on when these cameras might be officially launched, but we’ll keep our eyes peeled.

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