Microsoft now gives testers access to a new Xbox app for Windows that greatly improves the game installation process from the Windows Store. As we Reported at the beginning of the month, the updated app allows PC gamers to install tracks to any folder of their choice with full access to game files.

It’s an option that solves many of the problems installing titles from Xbox Game Pass for PC, and it should also mean you can back up game files and restore them if necessary. Previously, Microsoft forced games to be installed in a WindowsApps folder in the root directory of a drive, and that drive was locked so you couldn’t change or move files freely.

You will now be given options to manage where games will be installed.

The updated Xbox app now lets you choose a location, and if you’ve already installed games, you can move them to secondary drives. I tested the app and successfully moved Forza Horizon 5, Course 5, and Microsoft flight simulator on secondary drives. I now have full access to these files and folders as well.

Windows 10 and Windows 11 users can try the new Xbox app through the Xbox Insider Hub app from the store. You must join the Windows Gaming preview in the Xbox Insider Hub app to receive the updated Xbox app. Microsoft does list a number of known problems however for this early version including problems starting some games on external drives and a number of games that are not yet supported.

You are also still unable to add games downloaded from the Windows Store to Steam as a permissions issue prevents this. The Xbox app is still in preview, so this could be a bug that will be fixed before it’s generally available.

In any case, after years of problems and errors for PC users, Windows Store game installs are finally getting more Steam-like. If you’ve avoided Xbox Game Pass for PC because of the Windows Store, this new Xbox app should take away some of the headaches that come with it.

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