Microsoft has announced that it is adding a free built-in VPN to the Microsoft Edge web browser. The feature is called “Microsoft Edge Secure Network”.

Microsoft Edge helps keep you safe online. However, the networks you join may not be sufficiently secure. Microsoft Edge Secure Network can help protect your device and sensitive data while you browse.


● Encrypts your connection: Encrypts your Internet connection to protect your data from online threats such as hackers. When using the Microsoft Edge Secure network, Edge passes your data through an encrypted tunnel to establish a secure connection, even when using a non-secure URL that starts with HTTP. This makes it harder for hackers to access your browsing data on a shared public Wi-Fi network.

● Helps prevent online tracking: By encrypting your internet traffic directly from Microsoft Edge, we prevent your internet service provider from collecting your browsing data, e.g. B. Details about which websites you …

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