Microsoft's Chromium version of the Edge browser has leaked all over the internet

‘Edge leaks. Let us spray.

MICROSOFT’S MUCH talked about reimagining of its Edge Browser has leaked online.  

The forthcoming edition sees the Windows 10 stock browser rebuilt on Google’s open-source Chromium engine. An early build has been posted online and is currently available for download on Chinese portal Baidu.

Microsoft has always said that it will have an open preview of the new version before it goes live, but it appears that the internet has decided it couldn’t wait any longer.

The build is far from finished – a lot of the features from “old Edge” which will be migrated are still in development – using a stylus to annotate pages, for example.

We didn’t try this bit, but apparently, dark mode is working via the flags menu – but there’s no option to turn it on in the menus currently.

Edge via Chromium is currently scheduled for release as a preview in the forthcoming 19H1 update to Windows 10. It’s not clear, but the rebuilt browser could also reach other versions of Windows for the first time, as it will be available as a separate download.

A Mac version is also in development, but the timetable for releasing that one is still up in the air.

If you’d asked most experts a year ago, the idea of Microsoft embracing Google’s web engine would have probably created snorts of hearty derision. But as the company moves to embrace the open source, it makes complete sense for the company to focus its efforts on making its browser compatible with the largest number of users possible.

One former Microsoft intern even claims that the main reason for the switch is because Google’s constant updating was breaking compatibility with the EdgeHTML system, causing Microsoft to “cave in”.

How true that is, we’ll probably never know, but it looks like the results, whatever the reason, are imminent.

We’ve not added a download link because all the ones we found are on Chinese servers and, well, you know. μ

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