microsoft xcloud gdc 2019: Microsoft gives more details on it's upcoming Google Stadia competitor, xCloud at GDC 2019 - Gaming News

Last week Google announced its debut in the gaming market by introducing Google Stadia, a cloud-based game streaming service. But we all know that Microsoft is also preparing its Stadia rival named Project xCloud. The service was introduced last year in October and at the recently-concluded GDC 2019 the Redmond-based tech company gave few more details into the upcoming ‘project’.

In addition to showcasing how game developers can create new titles for the platform, Microsoft gave out some more information about Project xCloud that deals directly with the end gamers. As reported by, Project xCloud will be ‘device aware’, meaning it is supposed to auto-recognise the device on which it is streaming the title, and will adapt to its configuration and screen size accordingly, delivering the aptest performance.

Being ‘device aware’ also means that the medium through which you interact with the game can be changed. For instance, if you are moving from a touch screen device to a traditional console, the touch screen’s pinch to zoom in and out functionality for a map will be remapped for the controller. Developers will be provided with a ‘Touch Adaption Kit’ to make their titles compatible.

As for the titles, Microsoft could be initially working on delivering its own Xbox games to xCloud. PC games may follow soon. The reason why Xbox games could be coming to this cloud-based streaming platform before PC games is because Microsoft is supposedly using Xbox hardware in its data centres. This will likely make it easier for developers to move their Xbox games to xCloud as the hardware requirement stays almost the same. The only extra elements will be the ‘Touch Adaptation Kit’ and other such features.

Also, since Project xCloud is based on cloud streaming tech, users will be able to play titles even while on the move. This may make Microsoft reconsider the way users save their games. While in traditional games have certain locations are the save points (from where the gamer can start playing next time he/she logs in), their cloud-based version may have more save points within the game as the user will be playing while on the move and the sessions will be shorter.

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