Microsoft successfully patched six zero-day bugs this week. The Redmond-based giant announced that there would be a series of security updates for the Windows operating system and its software.

On Tuesday, June 8th, the company fixed 49 vulnerabilities that are fewer than the usual number of vulnerabilities.

Right now, the tech titan’s cybersecurity team is acting swiftly to keep its systems secure. Microsoft has also warned others that the hackers behind the malware attack are still exploiting other companies whose cybersecurity foundation is weak.

What zero days did Microsoft experience this week?

(Photo: Ilya Pavlov from Unsplash)
Microsoft patched zero-day vulnerabilities this week.

According to the threat post on Tuesday, June 8th, six bugs still attacked other systems. The company stated that they were all zero-day security threats.

These zero days recently attacked the tech giant:

  • CVE-2021-33742, a …


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