Microsoft to leverage VeChain technology for blockchain card game

  • The tech giant Microsoft has teamed up with Eidos and Fabled Lands to develop a blockchain card game.
  • In terms of technology, the project will be leveraging VeChain’s blockchain.


Microsoft, Eidos, a major game developer and gamebook Fabled Lands announced a partnership to jointly develop a blockchain card game. It is based on a 1980s best-selling gamebook known as “The Way of the Tiger”.

The Chief Executive Officer spoke on the development and said:

We were going to relaunch the series into a computer game format but this new technology (blockchain), just made more sense. Imagine playing Magic the Gathering but knowing if you owned a card, it really does belong to you. Or if we say there are only 100 editions of an item or skill, you know there really are only 100 editions.

As per the announcement, the project will be leveraging the use non-fungible tokens (NFT) on the Vechain blockchain.

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