Microsoft To-Do Gets Support for Multiple Accounts on Windows 10

Microsoft is introducing a helpful feature for Microsoft To-Do on Windows 10. The company previously tested support for multiple accounts on To-Do, and it’s now rolling out to everyone today (via WBI).

Multiple account support allows users to easily switch between different accounts without having to manually sign-out and log into their different accounts. The feature is going to be really useful for those with multiple personal and work/school accounts.

You can add new accounts by clicking on your profile, and once you add all your accounts, you can switch between your different accounts instantly through the quick switcher.

The feature is only available on Windows 10 for the time being, as it doesn’t seem to be available on the iOS app at the moment. It will likely make its way to other platforms in the future, and we will let you know once that happens. For the time being, you can get it on Windows 10 from the Microsoft Store here.

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