Microsoft revealed its plans too Revision of the calling experience in team collaboration Service last December. When the software giant originally planned to roll out the enhanced calling experiences for Teams in April, the company just updated the timeline in the Microsoft 365 admin center with a release dated May 2021.

This update aims to streamline the entire calling experience in the Windows and macOS desktop apps in one place. Instead of being spread out, the new call interface combines all call functions such as the keypad, contacts, voicemail, call list and settings on one tab. Overall, it should be much easier for users to start a new call or return a call with a single click.

In addition to the new calling experience on the desktop, Microsoft also announced other improvements, including CarPlay support on iOS devices and the built-in functions to protect against spam calls. The app also gets new call recording options that allow team admins to set OneDrive or SharePoint as the default location for their recordings.

Microsoft Teams has grown very rapidly since the COVID-19 pandemic began and has just reached an important new milestone for the company: Microsoft announced earlier this week More than 145 million active users for teams every day, this is from In October, 115 million users registered every day last year.

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