Microsoft Still Can’t Decide If Andromeda Is Worth the Effort

Andromeda is one of Microsoft’s most ambitious projects, but as we learned last year, the company pushed most of it back to the drawing board because it wasn’t entirely pleased of how it was developing.

And while Andromeda comes down to both software and hardware that would eventually bring us a new product category with a dual-screen design and multi-form factor approach, Microsoft still can’t decide whether this idea is worth the effort or not.

As it turns out, the project is still uncertain, as Microsoft’s leadership team hasn’t yet offered the go-ahead for Andromeda. But on the other hand, the good news is that the idea hasn’t been killed off either, so we’re pretty much in the same stage as last year.

Back in 2018, it was believed that Microsoft delayed Andromeda until this year, with some sources familiar with the matter suggesting that the company even considered ditching the project entirely.

Launch in the fall?

By the looks of things, this didn’t happen, though it goes without saying that Andromeda not advancing at the pace that Microsoft expected increases the chances of getting the ax at some point.

In the meantime, other companies seem to be more committed to this dual-screen device idea and are investing at a fast pace on bringing such products to the market. However, with Windows 10 Microsoft would obviously score big in terms of productivity, and this is why so many people hope the software giant would eventually bring the device to mass production.

For the time being, however, Andromeda is still an uncertain thing, and it’s pretty impossible to estimate a time when it could hit the shelves. If I were to guess, I think Microsoft might be looking at a fall 2019 release date for Andromeda, but I believe there’s a bigger chance for such a device to go live sometime next year.

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