Microsoft promised Windows app developers more money in 2018, but they’re still waiting | The Download Blog

Microsoft promised Windows app developers more money in 2018, but they're still waiting | The Download Blog

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In a blog post last May, Microsoft announced plans to alter its app store fee structure, promising to keep less revenue on app sales and to pay Windows app developers more money.

Microsoft said 85 percent of revenue for non-games sales and 95 percent for deep-link sales would go to developers, and that the price modification would go into effect later in 2018.

But the new year has begun, and the company’s fee structure remains the same, according to Petri IT Knowledgebase.

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“We have been working on delivering on changes to our current Microsoft Store fee structure, but need a bit more time to get it right,” a Microsoft spokesperson told

Though it’s unlikely that Microsoft is shifting its price structure in response to the new Epic Games Store, Epic’s announcement could add pressure for the company to do so, and quickly.

Epic launched their game store in early December for PC Games on Windows and macOS. While Apple and Google take a 30 percent cut of revenue, Epic only takes 12 percent.

Steam, one of the most popular platforms for PC Games, quickly adjusted its price model after Epic launched its store. Now, it’s important for Microsoft to respond from a PC standpoint. If the company’s price structure remains the same, it’s likely that developers will move to Steam or Epic to make more money.

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  1. In May, Microsoft said it would be restructuring its store fees to give more revenue to app developers.
  2. The company hasn’t made any changes yet into 2019, saying that it will need more time.

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