Microsoft President Brad Smith predicts the 10 biggest tech issues in 2019


The tech industry is still reeling from a tumultuous 2018, as growing privacy concerns, cyber security threats and online disinformation campaigns have caused many people to reassess their relationship with technology.

Things are only going to get more complicated as new innovations like artificial intelligence and voice recognition become increasingly commonplace in our lives.

Microsoft President Brad Smith outlined some of the biggest tech issues in store for us this year in a sobering blog post he recently published on LinkedIn. Another year of public ‘tech-lash’ seems probable, Smith writes, as society debates the roles that technology, and tech companies, play in our lives. But there’s also an opportunity for us to confront the challenges head on, and to take steps that will help us reap the benefits of innovation while avoiding the pitfalls.

Here’s what Microsoft’s President believes the top 10 tech issues will be in 2019:


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