Microsoft might be working on a combined Office app for iOS


Microsoft might be working on a combined Office app for iOS

He wouldn’t have approved…

MICROSOFT IS REPORTEDLY working on a single, unified app to replace Word, Excel and Powerpoint on iOS.

According to intelligence from ZDNet, the new Microsoft Office app will offer up the same basic features as the individual apps in a smaller footprint – great news if you’re constantly battling for room on your iPhone.

It’s not a first. There’s already a cut-down Microsoft Office suite which is offered on Samsung devices. In fact, “Microsoft Office Mobile” is a common sight in app stores, though nobody is exactly sure why as they’re mostly a hangover from the age of Windows Phone.

The iOS version incoming is codenamed ‘Unity’, and was developed by an Indian development team, which might be a clue that it is being aimed at the entry-level end of the iPhone market, in as much as there is one.

There’s a suggestion that the basic unified app will be offered free of charge, with the separate, fully-featured versions of Word, Powerpoint, Excel (not to mention all the other apps that Microsoft has ported to iOS) to be offered as premium products to Office 365 subscribers. Indeed this whole shebang has been rumoured before.

There’s nothing to suggest that there’s a similar strategy for Android or a Windows app aimed at low-end Surface tablets. But never say never – it would be an odd anomaly if just Apple got a combined app, and given that Samsung already has a version on the go.

It’s thought that this is would be an offering aimed at Microsoft’s own Android ambitions, like the just-unveiled Surface Duo (don’t call it a Surface Phone, ok?) due for release at the Christmas end of 2020. µ

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