Microsoft May Have Just Put an End to the Studio Acquisition Wars

Back when your humble host was a wee nipper, forum battle lines were drawn with exclusive games. Online dwellers would spend nary an hour listing out first-party titles for their favourite console, and it was the device with the most high-quality software that rode away into the sunset with a smug sense of satisfaction.

As time has passed – and the number of bonafide exclusives has dwindled – enthusiast gamers have found new territory, most recently in the form of studio acquisitions. This all started with Microsoft snapping up a bunch of studios from the brink of bankruptcy a few E3s ago, and has been a common point of discussion ever since.

Sony, of course, responded with confirmation of Insomniac Games’ purchase – an acquisition, it could be argued, that it should have made many years ago. Either way, it looks like the “war” may finally be over, as Xbox has hinted that it’s “shifting focus” from purchasing developers to a new phase of “execution and delivery”. In other words: it’s time to make some bleeding games.

PlayStation boss Jim Ryan recently ruled out any imminent acquisitions, too, stating that while it’s always on the lookout for great teams, it will only invest in businesses that it feels are the “right” fit. To be honest, we wouldn’t be surprised to see Texas-based team Bluepoint join the Worldwide Studios family eventually, but for now we’ll be happy to see this point of conversation calm down.

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