Microsoft joins hands with Adaptive Biotechnologies to decode human immune system

Human Immune System

Microsoft announced a partnership with Adaptive Biotechnologies – a biotechnology company – to detect cancers and other deadly diseases at the very early stage. The based company to use artificial intelligence and machine learning technology of Microsoft to build individual disease diagnostics of the patients starting from the blood test.

The partnership agreement is not just concentrated on the use of cloud computing solutions and the use of technology, in addition, Microsoft has invested a large scale of the amount in Adaptive.

The goal of the partnership is to create a universal blood test that reads a patients’ immune system and detect the diseases which attack patients. This will help people to diagnose diseases in the early stages and get treated.

Microsoft has taken advantage of the arrival of the new year to announce that it is expanding the partnership to expand the Antigen Map Project. The basis for its approach, to sequence the immune system of 25,000 people and also invite scientists and patient groups around the world for the project.

“This announcement comes at a time of inflection in healthcare and biotechnology. We now have the technology to be able to do what we’ve been talking about for the past decade – develop a universal TCR antigen map that presents an opportunity to help patients at an unprecedented scale.” – Chad Robins, President, CEO and Co-Founder of Adaptive Biotechnologies.

The first five specific diseases initially developed include Type 1 diabetes, pancreatic cancer, ovarian cancer, celiac disease, and Lyme disease. These diseases play different roles in controlling or generating autoimmune diseases, cancer, and infections.

We are very excited and inspired by our collaboration with Adaptive Biotechnologies, which clearly increases our mission to use technologies based on artificial intelligence to transform health services and improve people’s lives around the world.

This partnership combines powerful sequencing and AI technology into a revolutionary new feature and represents the kind of deep collaboration that we live in.

– Peter Lee, corporate vice president of Microsoft’s AI division

The official bulletin about the project was also updated on the Microsoft website, explaining in detail how artificial intelligence to treat people.

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