Two years ago, Microsoft overhauled its Edge web browser with a backend based on the Google Chromium database. Since then, the company has tried to make Edge stand out mainly by adding additional features mostly related to privacy, security and online shopping.

An interesting new experimental feature that could be coming to Edge soon, according to Cloudflare, is the VPN feature document support Posted last week. A VPN (or Virtual Private Network) provides an encrypted tunnel for all your network traffic, protecting it from being seen by other devices on the same network.

Using the VPN service dubbed “Microsoft Edge Secure Network” requires you to be signed in with a Microsoft account, as does cross-device syncing for bookmarks, extensions, and many other features. It offers up to 1GB of data per month with no option to get more data when you want or need it – Edge tracks your data usage and lets you know when you’re around…

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