Microsoft is porting a rebranded Windows Defender to MacOS

Microsoft is a becoming a lot more platform agnostic than it used to be. Mere days after bringing Windows Defender to Chrome and Firefox, Microsoft has unveiled Windows Defender for Mac.

Of course, without Windows to defend, the name doesn’t make a great deal of sense, so it’s been renamed Microsoft Defender – which sounds a bit like it’s software to protect computers from Windows, but there we are.

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From today, businesses can get early access to it – provided their Macs are running macOS Mojave, High Sierra or Sierra. People who have already used the Windows version will know exactly what to expect, and you get the same preventive protection, breach detection and response tools as you would on a Windows 10 machine.

The idea that Macs don’t get viruses has looked increasingly flakey as the popularity of macOS grows. While it once would have made less sense to target Macs, cybercriminals have realised that malware aimed at macOS can be lucrative in its own right – especially the kind of business Macs that Microsoft Defender in initially appearing on. There’s no word as yet as to whether this will one day become a consumer product.

The arrival of Microsoft Defender for Macs could be particularly handy for businesses that use both Macs and PCs, as it should make keeping them all up to date that bit easier if they’re using the same software.

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As attacks continue to rise in both volume and sophistication, Microsoft is committed to support and empower the world’s critical cybersecurity defenders,” Rob Lefferts, corporate vice president at Microsoft Security, wrote in a blog post announcing Microsoft Defender for Mac. “We’re continuously innovating in new capabilities and taking advantage of the scale and intelligence of our services so that together we can keep customers safe.”

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