Microsoft is getting rid of passwords for its virtual desktop


Microsoft moves closer to its dream of a passwordless future by announcing single sign-on (SSO) and alternative login options for Azure Virtual Desktop, its cloud-based virtualization solution.

In the most requested change in product history, Azure users can now use Windows Hello, the company’s biometric verification software security devices like FIDO2 keys to login to their servers.

But Microsoft’s feud against passwords is nothing new. The company has long claimed that passwords are a “problem of use” and a cybersecurity threat to businesses and users, and takes aim Forgo the verification method overall in 2021. Here’s how Azure users can adopt the feature — and those still using it passwords can stay safe online.

Microsoft announces passwordless sign-in for Azure Virtual Desktop

Microsoft has been moving toward biometrics as a verification method for years, and in a big step for the company, it recently introduced single sign-on and…

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