A Microsoft support page has revealed that the Edge browser is to receive a security upgrade in the form of an integrated security update VPN powered by Cloudflare.

When Reports from XDA developersthe new VPN feature is called “Microsoft Edge Secure Network” and is said to work similarly to Service by Cloudflare. When activated, it encrypts all data and keeps your location secret using a virtual IP address. Cloudflare only collects diagnostic and support data from the service and this data is deleted every 25 hours.

That Support page explained like Secure Network is a free service but data usage is limited to 1GB per month. It’s unclear if Microsoft will offer a way to increase the data limit with a subscription. Perhaps there will be an additional feature offered with an active one A ride or Microsoft 365 Subscription?

It seems like this support page appeared earlier than Microsoft intended, as no one, not even those who have signed up to the Microsoft Insider Program, can try…

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