Microsoft introduces all-in-one Office beta app for Android

Microsoft has introduced a new all-in-one Office beta app, including Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and other tools. It is another attempt by Microsoft to bring the professional editing tools in a single package on the Android platform. Microsoft already hosts separate apps on Android for its office tools such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, etc.

The new Microsoft Office beta will let the users create, edit, and share different documents on the cloud or your Android smartphone. Multiple users are allowed to collaborate on a single project like Google Docs. Moreover, the Sticky Notes integration helps the users to dwell notes without using Sticky Notes App. The inbuilt conversion feature will efficiently convert photos, Word, Excel, photoshop, or Powerpoint file to PDFs. Another excellent feature is to sign the document and convert the file to the desired format.

The Office beta app consists of some powerful features like converting a document picture into an editable Word file on a single tap, transforming the table picture into a spreadsheet file, and allowing the powerpoint to create presentations by selecting photos from the phone automatically. It can even let you create a scanned image by enhancing the digital photos of whiteboards.

Microsoft Office beta even enhances the file sharing between your phone and computer or nearby mobile devices. The inbuilt capability to scan QR codes for opening files and links quickly is another striking feature.

It is not the first time that Microsoft tested an all-in-one Office app on the mobile platform. They tried on Windows Phone with the Office Hub app. It comprised of all the Office tools, including Excel, Word, powerpoint, and OneNote support.

The new app is currently in the beta stage, and for sure, it will have some bugs and issues.

Update: It appears Microsoft has pulled down the app from the Play Store. We have attached the source link of the app from the third-party website below.

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