Microsoft Edge could rise in the browser world with the introduction of its latest feature update: A free VPN service is bundled into the browser.

Edge Secure Network is slated to roll out as part of a security upgrade that will give Edge users the ability to encrypt their traffic so their data can’t be harvested and they can see region-blocked websites.

However, it’s not 100% private: VPN usage is still connected to the Microsoft account that users have tied to their browser. Also, the VPN feature can only be used for a limit of up to 1GB of traffic per month.

The Secure Edge Network

News about the upcoming free VPN service comes from The edgewhich uncovered a Microsoft support page revealing the tool.

Like any VPN, Microsoft’s Cloudflare-based VPN routes a user’s data off the edge and through an encrypted tunnel, making it harder for a hacker to access that data from a shared public Wi-Fi network. It even works for websites with unsecured HTTP URLs.

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