Microsoft Edge 102.0.1245.41 fixes security and PDF printing issues


Microsoft released a security update on Friday and today. Friday’s update addresses an Edge-specific security issue, while today’s update addresses security issues affecting all Chromium-based browsers.

The new version of Microsoft Edge Stable, version 102.0.1245.41 is already available. Most Edge installations will receive the update automatically in the coming days. Edge users can speed up the installation of the security update by loading edge://settings/help on the browser’s address page. Another way is to select Menu > Help > About Microsoft Edge to open the page. The internal page shows the current version and new updates are automatically downloaded when found.

Google released 7 security updates for its Chrome web browser on Friday, addressing the Chromium-based security updates and Chrome-specific updates. Four of the security issues are shared by all Chromium-based browsers.

The following security issues have been patched in the latest Edge…

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