When Microsoft President Brad Smith testified in front of the House of Representatives, he slammed Amazon AWS for a lack of visibility into the Solarwinds attack that put more than 18,000 companies at risk.

AWS admitted Thursday that the SolarWinds hackers used the Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) in their attack.

“They have other companies, some of the biggest companies in our industry that are known to have been involved and who have not yet spoken publicly about how they were feeling,” Smith said. “There is no evidence that they even informed customers.”

Smith told Congress that Microsoft had posted 32 blog posts on the subject and Amazon had posted nothing.

In fact, Amazon refused to testify before Congress and some officials threatened to summon Amazon officials.

Joe Slowik, Senior Security Researcher at DomainTools, said Amazon AWS could provide financial information on how the SolarWinds hackers were doing for their services, network traffic …

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