Microsoft just announced a brand new acquisition in the IoT security space to further strengthen its IoT efforts.

(Photo: Mohammad Rezaie)

ZDNet reports that Microsoft has just bought ReFirm Labs, a firmware security analysis startup, for an undisclosed amount. A handful of Microsoft officials confirmed the deal closed on June 2, claiming that ReFirm’s integration with Microsoft’s fold will strengthen its chip-to-cloud protection services for the IoT.

ReFirm is best known as the company that developed the Binwalk open source software, according to GeekWire. Binwalk is designed to identify certain hidden security issues in firmware, which is the type of software that provides basic hardware control. In layman’s terms, the firmware “tells” the hardware how it is supposed to work.

It’s pretty obvious that Microsoft is aggressively pursuing security issues within the firmware that controls IoT devices because …


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