Microsoft brings Windows Timeline support to Chrome with Web Activities extension

The Timeline feature of Windows 10 makes it easier to work on multiple computers by synchronizing activity so you can move between machines and pick up from where you left off — although it can also prove useful on a single computer. Having made this available in its Edge browser, Microsoft has now released an extension that brings it to Google Chrome.

This move is understandable as Chrome has a much larger userbase than Edge, and Microsoft admits that it is a much-requested feature.

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In a post introducing Web Activities, Microsoft explains the Timeline feature to anyone who is unfamiliar with it: “For those new to the feature, Timeline is all about making stuff on your PC easier to find. Unlike most search applications, Timeline not only brings together files, websites and other stuff from across your devices — it organizes everything in chronological order. Can’t remember the name of a website that caught your interest a few days ago? Just scroll down and it’ll be there. Need to quickly get back to a document you were working on earlier today on OneDrive? It’ll be there, too.”

With Web Activities installed, you can synchronize your Chrome browsing activity between devices, and see your internet history included in Timeline. As the description explains:

See your browsing activities across all your devices in surfaces like Windows timeline and Microsoft Launcher for Android.

With this extension, your browsing history will appear across all your devices in surfaces such as in Windows timeline and Microsoft Launcher for Android. Just sign in with your Microsoft account, select a site you’ve recently visited, and pick up where you left off.

If you’re interested in trying it out, you can download the Web Activities extension from the Chrome Web Store.

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