Microsoft Brings Official Windows Timeline Support to Chrome

Microsoft is releasing a new Google Chrome extension today that brings support for Windows Timeline to Google Chrome. The company announced a new Web Activities extension for Chrome that adds the new functionality, allowing users to keep track of their Chrome activity through Timeline across all their devices.

The feature is supposed to work just like Microsoft Edge works with Timeline — it will keep track of all the websites you visit on Chrome through Timeline so you can pick up where you left off on other devices, or from the same device. The feature works flawlessly with Edge since it’s natively integrated, so it will be interesting to see if the experience is any different with Chrome.

A third-party Chrome extension previously allowed users to add Timeline support to Chrome, and it’s actually way more advanced than Microsoft’s own extension, even allowing users to send webpages to their other Microsoft devices remotely. That extension is still available, by the way.

Microsoft’s said in a blog post that a top Insider request is to bring Timeline support to more apps, and browser support was apparently widely requested. This extension could end up really useful for Microsoft too, by the way. When the company eventually starts testing its new Chromium-based browser that’s expected to replace Edge, it could theoretically just use this extension for the Timeline integration instead of natively implementing it into Chromium. Pretty smart.

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