With all the reported and reported quarterly results, sales with Azure Cloud from Microsoft AWS and Google Cloud together seem to have exceeded again.

Despite the simulated perception of Amazon’s AWS Goliath stature, Microsoft’s Azure cloud managed to outperform its competitors for another quarter with a third quarter earnings report of $ 17.7 billion in commercial cloud revenue .

As reported by Bob Evans at Cloud Wars, much of this is due to the relatively low but growing rate of execution of Google’s cloud efforts. Amazon AWS had $ 13.5 billion in cloud revenue for the quarter, while Google Cloud managed a modest $ 4.05 billion, bringing Microsoft to a whopping $ 17.7 billion for a total of $ 17.55 billion -Dollars ousted its competitors for the quarter.

Surprisingly, the news did little to sway Microsoft’s stock numbers after the earnings report as the company heads for a potential valuation of $ 2 trillion. As reactionary as investors can be …

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