Microsoft Asked to Pay Damages to User After Forced Windows 10 Upgrade

Microsoft Asked to Pay Damages to User After Forced Windows 10 Upgrade

Microsoft still can’t leave the forced Windows 10 upgrade saga behind, and despite the company promising to behave in the future, it still has to deal with a number of legal complaints after it installed the OS on some devices without authorization.

In one particular case that took place in Finland, Microsoft has to pay 1,100 Euros in damages to one former Windows 8 user after their computer was upgraded to Windows 10 without consent.

The Finnish Consumer Disputes Panel has ruled in favor of the user, who complained that Microsoft upgraded his Windows 8 device to Windows 10 without authorization, in the end causing issues that impacted not only the device, but also his camera surveillance software.

The user explained that they had to spend money on repairing the surveillance system even after getting in touch with Microsoft Support, pointing out that in some cases, the assistance it received from the company’s engineers did not make any difference.

Microsoft expected to pay

While the user requested 3,000 Euros in damages, the Finnish consumer watchdog recommended compensation of 1,100 Euros.

Surprisingly, however, Microsoft did not deny that Windows 10 was installed without the user’s consent, but instead tried to demonstrate the operating system did not cause any damage to the device. The company stated that his claims were unreasonable and emphasized the company has no control over what applications were installed, including here the surveillance system.

In the meantime, Microsoft has substantially revised its approach on Windows 10 updates, and forced upgrades are no longer part of the company’s strategy to improve the adoption of its operating system.

More recently, the company has started testing a new feature for Windows 10 Home users that would allow them to pause updates for up to 7 days. Right now, updates are automatically installed on Windows 10 Home devices when they are released.

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