Microsoft recently announced the preview of a disk pool that enables Azure Disk Storage as a persistent storage option for the Azure VMware solution – a hyper-converged vSAN-vSphere cluster. With this persistent storage option, customers have another choice for running VMware workloads on Azure.

Disk Pool is an Azure service that provides an Internet Small Computer Systems Interface (iSCSI) endpoint for any underlying disks that have been added as storage targets so that customers can access Azure Disk Storage for high-performance, persistent block storage.

With the disk pool, organizations can connect Azure VMware Solution to a disk pool and add disks as VMware data storage in scenarios such as storage-intensive workloads and disaster recovery. In addition, it is similar to connecting VMware to the iSCSI endpoint available on local SAN appliances. Each hard disk in the pool is represented as an iSCSI target and attached to the cluster as a data store. The disk pool hosts the iSCSI endpoint on Azure VMs.


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