Microsoft and Xplore partner with NOAA for cloud-based satellite control


An artist’s rendering shows the NOAA-18 satellite in orbit. (NOAA illustration)

What do you do with an aging weather satellite? If that’s you National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administrationyou turn to Microsoft Azure and a Seattle-area startup called Discover to see if there’s a cheaper way to keep it running.

After a year-long demonstration projectThe three partners found that there is thanks to cloud computing and cloud-based mission control software.

“Our work with NOAA and Xplore is driving innovation to virtualize satellite ground station operations in the cloud,” Stephen Kitay, senior director of Microsoft Azure Space, told GeekWire. “And this enables agencies to tap into the latest commercial technologies, unleashing a new level of resiliency and global capacity for critical mission operations.”

The demonstration – conducted under a collaborative research and development agreement or CRADA for…

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