Microsoft and T-Mobile Get Together to Join the Cascadia Blockchain Council

As the blockchain sector has grown a lot in the past five years, it the time to start new groups and create a foundation for the future of the technology. Now, this is starting to happen.

Two major tech companies, Microsoft and T-Mobile, have recently joined the Cascadia Blockchain Council, an important group of entrepreneurs and blockchain-based companies which aim to get together in order to start up a new hub for the blockchain industry in the Pacific Northwest.

GeekWire, which reported on this story, affirmed that the companies have joined the group in order to give the blockchain and crypto companies a more “unified voice”, as well as to help with public policies that could boost the industry.

The organization has 20 founding members. The council has members from Seattle, Oregon, and Vancouver, Canada. Besides Microsoft and T-Mobile, there are several other companies as well. Some of the names are CryptoSlate, Bittrex, the Washington State Department of Commerce, the University of Washington, Strix Leviathan and the Washington Technology Industry Association, among other less prominent names.

Arry Yu, the council chair of the Washington Technology Industry Association, has affirmed that the blockchain gives people the ability to be closer together and this is the objective of the group in finding a common voice for them.

Microsoft has sent Pamela Dingle, its director of identity standards, and T-Mobile has Chris Spantone, its senior architect of blockchain, as representants in the entity. Together with local entrepreneurs like Jess Proudman, the founder of Strix Leviathan, they will join forces in order to improve the local blockchain market.

According to the reports, the launch of the website happened today but the group first reunited three months ago.

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